Juarez Contracting Inc. emphasizes safety in all work! 

  • Safety is a priority on projects both large and small.

  • Every employee is trained in the latest OSHA requirements and trench safety!

Brief overview of our Safety program



At Juarez Contracting, Inc. our motto is “Safety and Quality above Quantity in Underground Utilities” and safety is directly reflected in our core value of delivering quality.


  • ZERO Safety Citations.

  • All field employees are issued Personal Protection Equipment, such as safety glasses, safety vest, gloves, and a hard hat upon employment.

  • All foremen have been trained in the OSHA ten-hour training, and some even have the 30-hour OSHA training.

  • A bi-monthly foreman safety meeting/training is held by company safety coordinator.


  • Daily Job Hazard Analysis is conducted by foreman, prior to commencing shift.

  • Daily Equipment check.

  • Employees must pass a basic safety test and orientation before working.

  • Weekly safety meetings are conducted by Foreman with crew.

  • Foreman and leadmen are experienced and trained in safe trenching and excavation construction operations.

  • Operators of backhoes, track-hoes and front-end loaders are internally certified and trained.

Our Safety experience shows!



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